Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Post-Installation Configuration of Windows Server.

In our last article here  we understood how to install Windows Operating Systems. Now let us look at the tasks that need post OS installation. These tasks will remain same irespective of which Windows Server OS you using. Below are the list of tasks that needs to be done as part of post installation configuration. This list vary from organization to organization.
  1. Install VM Tools (applies if the server is virtual machine)/If the server is physical udpate the Drivers and firmware
  2. Configure Satic IP Address
  3. Change System name and join it to Domain.
  4. Enable RDP and provide access to required parties.
  5. Update the OS to the latest patch level.
  6. a)Install Antivirus b)update it to latest defination. (which antivirus to be used varies from org to org).
  7. Perform Security hardening.
  8. Add the Server to patching list.
  9. Configure Monitoring and test it.
  10. Add Server to Backup (If need)
  11. Update the CMDC/Iventory full detail of the Server.
Note:Incase you are using VM templates to deploy steps 1,6a,7, are not needed as templetes will have these preloaded.

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