Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Installing Windows Server 2019

We did learn about various Windows Operating Systems and their editions in our earlier article here now let us see how to install a Windows 2019 GUI Server Datacenter Edition.

You can see the minimum resource requirements for the  installation of 2019 here, we are going to deploy 2019 Server with 2GB RAM, 2 CPU, 30 GB disk on a XenServer OS installation steps remain same irrespective of whether you install on a Hypervisor (Vmware Esxi, Hyper-v, XenServer) or on a physical system.

To create a Virtual Machine on Xenserver login XenCenter, Right-Click the host on which you would like to deploy the 2019 VM and select New VM as shown below.

Select Windows Server 2019 in the template section as shown below.

Enter the name of the VM that you want to deploy and hit next. This name is used to identify the VM in console.

Select the Windows 2019 Installer ISO file from the ISO library as show below.

Select the XenSever/Host on which you would like to deploy the VM. This is applicable only when you have multiple XenSever hosts in the environment.

Allocate resources for the VM, ie., number of vCPUs:2 and RAM:2GB and hit next

Let us now allocate the OS disk for the VM, by default it is picking 32 GB we will leave it as is. In case you want to change it click Edit and change the size as per your requirement.

Select the Network in which the VM should be placed, if required here you can also create multiple Network Interface Cards (NICs).

Look at the summary and make sure you have start new VM automatically option check. Select Create Now option.

You now see the new VM in Xencenter as below.

If the VM is not Started (Shown with a red mark) poweron/Start the VM, go to Console and make sure you boot the VM from ISO.

You will see below screen when you boot from ISO ie., CD or DVD.

Select Language, Time, Currency and  Keyboard of your requirement and click next.


Select Install now option to start with the installation of OS.

Select Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Desktop Experience to install GUI mode of Windows 2019. The options without Desktop Experience will install Core Operating System.   


Accept License Agreement.

Select Custom install option.

Leave the diskspace as 32GB for C drive/System Drive and select next.

This initiates the installation as show below. Installation will take few minutes to complete.

Once the installation is complete a reboot of the server will happen automatically.

Post reboot you will be asked to set password, enter the password of your choice or as per you organization standard and select finish button. 

Select  Ctrl+Alt+Del buttion as shown in the below screenshot which will prompt you to enter the Username (Administrator) and Password (What ever you set above) and press enter.

You should be able to login to the Server.

This concludes Installation of Windows Server 2019 DataCenter GUI Server.

Note: Installation steps of other version of Windows 2016, 2022 are almost same with some minor differences you can try installing them

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