Sunday, April 22, 2018

Upgrading Citrix License Server from 11.12 to 11.14

License Server upgrade is required when you are doing a Product upgrade and present License Server Version is not compatible
with the Version of Product that you are upgrading to, or setting up a new environment with the latest version Citrix Product by
using old License Server.

License Server upgrade can also be done when you have a latest version License Component with Security or Bug Fixes.

Step1:  Before I went ahead and upgrade my License Server, below is License Server version i.e., 11.12.1
Step2: Verify that Citrix Licensing service is up and running in Service console.

Step 3:  Latest Citrix License Server Component can be downloaded from or you can use ISO image of XA and XD 7.17.
Copy the installer or Map the ISO image.

Step4: Launch Citrix Licensing installer to start Installation Wizard.
Step5:  Click on Upgrade to start the upgrade of License Server Component.

Step6:  Upgrade progress will be shown as follows.

Step7:  Upgrade completion will be shown as follows; default Administrator will have full access to License Administration Console.

Step8:  Go to Services console and validate Citrix Licensing service is up and running.
Step9:  Logon to License Administration Console and verify License Server Version, which should show 11.14.0.x

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