Saturday, April 21, 2018

Installing and Configuring Citrix License Server

First Step in the setting up Citrix Environment is to Install and Configure License Server. In this article we see how to  install and configure Xenapp and Xendesktop License Server 11.12 which is part of Xenapp and Xendesktop 7.6 installer.


  1. Build a Windows 2012 Server with Vmware Tools
  2. Name the Server as LS ( Any Name that you use to download License File)
  3. Add it to Domain.
  4. Map the XA and XD 7.6 ISO image for Vcenter Datastore.
  5. Make sure Domain Account used to install License Server is part of Local Administrators Group.

Installation and Configuration Steps:

Step1:   Login on to License server with you domain credentials.  Browse XA ad XD 7.6 ISO image (D drive) and Right Click AutoSelect.exe and run as Administrator.

Step 2:  Click YES when it prompts User Account Control.
Step 3: Click on XenDesktop Start button next to XenDestop option in the Install wizard.
Step 4:  To install Citrix License Server Select Citrix License Server option.
Step 5: Select the radio button I have read, understand and accept the terms of license agreement and Click on next.
Step 6: As shown in the screenshot below License Server Component will be installed in “C:\Program Files\Citrix”  directory, Click on next to move to next step.
Step  7: Select Automatically option for Installer to Automatically configure Windows Firewall Rules required for Citrix License Server ports.
Step 8: Click on Install to move ahead with Installation.
Step 9: Wizard will initiate the installation as shown in the screen below.
Step 10: Click on Finish Installation to complete Installation of Citrix License Server Component.
Step 11:  Citrix License Administration Console is visible in Apps.

Step 12:  Launch Services.msc Console to see Citrix Licensing Service.
Step 13:  Launch Citrix Administration Console, go through the default licenses i.e., Citrix Start-up License and Citrix License Server Diagnostics License Server.

Step 14:  Click on Administration button and login to Citrix License Administration Console with your domain that used to install License Server.
Step 15: Default Login page is System Information which show License Server Version, License Server Port(27000), Host Name of License Server, IP Addr etc.

Step 16: Select User Configuration by default Bulitin Administrators and Domain id used to install Citrix License Server component will have Administrator Access. Remove BuiltIn\Administrators group by Clicking Delete option. Click on New User option to add Citrix Admin Domain Group that needs access to manage License Server.
Step 17: Add Citrix Admins group to Domain Administrator Group Role to get provide License Server Administration access and click on Save Button.
Step 18: Check CitrixAdmin group is added and is visible in User Configuration Settings.

Step 19: Select Server Configuration and go through Settings and under it.
Step 20: Select Vendor Demon Configuration to see option to Import License.Click on Import License option to import the license file.

Step 21: Browse the license file location, select and click on open button.

Step 22: Click on Import License to import the License File, If you want to replace the existing License File select Overwrite License File on License Server option.
Step 23: Import Information show License File Successfully imported.

Step 24: Click on Dashboard to check if licenses are visible as shown in below screen shot. If License are  invisible restart Citrix Licensing  Service from Services.msc.

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