Saturday, March 21, 2020

Moving Azure Resources between Resource Groups.

We understood what Azure Resource Groups are in our earlier article here is the link, let see how to move resources between Azure Resource Groups and Subscriptions.

Often we hear  these questions

1) Can we move the resources of one Azure resource group to others?
2) Can we move resources of Resource Group of one region to Resource Group of other Regions?
3) Can we move resources between Subscriptions?

Answers for all questions are yes, however, if source Resource Group is tagged with Policies they will not be moved along with resources. Which means they will be dropped.

In this article let see how to move resource across resource groups.

Here let us say there are 2 Resource Groups RG1 and RG2, let us move resources of RG1 (Virtual Machine resources) to RG2

Go to Resource Group RG1 look for move option highlighted in the below screenshot.

Select the resources which you like to move from RG1 to RG2, in the below screenshot we selected all the resources of RG1. Under "Move these resources to" choose destination Resource Group, in this case, it is RG2.

As we know scripts or tools associated with these resources under RG1 will not be moved, an acknowledgment of our understanding is needed. Select the checkbox and click OK to move the resources.

Note: There is an option to create a resource group directly here in case if you haven't created it before.

As shown in the below screenshot Azure validates be the initiation of movement.

Post validation movement of resources is initiated.

Now you can see resources are moved to Resource Group RG2.


  1. vms belongs to resource group1 cannot be moved to resources group1 , are there any policies applied on resourcegroup1 , please share some example policies thanks

  2. Nice Article. Can you also do Tenant to Tenant resource Migrations